Mini Description of Annie Frost


She spends her nights prowling the dark clubs, looking for her next victim or plaything. Her long sleek pale white body glowing beneath a tight black and red mini dress. Her pleasures are many, her attachments are few, do you have the nerve to come see what she has waiting for you……


A little background on Annie Frost


She spends her nights prowling dark clubs. Always staying in the shadows, watching and waiting. She senses a presense nearby and looks to either side of herself. Seeing nothing she moves on, her fingertips barely touching the wall as she moves. The scent of jasmine fills her senses, causing her to pause. without moving she shifts her eyes from side to side. she holds herself still as she feels a fingertip slide down her bare spine, her eyelids closing. She knows now that it was him she had been sensing. “I knew I could not escape you for long. How did you find me?” He leaned in close and brushed her hair with his nose. His scent wafting over her as he does, smelling of a moonlit garden. “Mmm cher you know as well as I do that I can always sense you.” Clicking his tongue next to her ear as he takes on a disapproving tone. “You’ve always enjoyed your scrawny self loathing children. All I had to do was follow the trail of smeared mascara and bloodied wrists. They led me right to you, you make it too easy for me.” Pulling away she turned to face him. “As if you’ve never had your own fetishes? Or is it chance that your victims are all cute little boys? Does it give you a thrill to take them while you fuck them?” Shifting she moved her hand along her stomach feeling her small jeweled dagger before she sees his finger moving in a no-no manner. Stopping she looks up at him as he presses her to the wall, disarming her in a split second. “Ma Petite, there is no need to be rude. I’ve only come to talk. Mmm now smooth those ruffled feathers and come with me.” Taking her hand he led her away to a small room above the bar. They moved so silently the didn’t disturb the two teens moving together on the bed. Slipping behind her, he wrapped his arms around her midsection as they watch them together. The boy moving his mouth between the girls legs, causing a pleasured moan to leave her parted lips. “Ah now don’t they look delicious my sweet? Their blood racing as they pleasure one another. Wouldn’t you love to share them with me? I can smell your lust for them already.” HIs lips find her pale neck as his fangs glide along her skin, giving him but a taste to whet his appetite, while giving her a sensuous thrill. A red glaze came into her eyes as she watched the couple on the bed while he licked her neck. Shaking her head she fought the urge to pull away from him. Feeling his arm tighten around her she focused on calming the racing of her heart. The lust she felt at his touch causing bile to rise in her throat. “I have no desire to share anything with you…father.” With that she pulled free of his embrace, her body moving towards the door.